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Kevin Downs of Charleston Addictions Counseling treats addictions of all types through Individual, couple and group therapy. With my experienced, compassionate, and unconditional approach, they can be successfully treated. I am an understanding counselor who is available seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day.

Through individual counseling, I treat addictions - Alcohol, Drug, Sex, and Porn Addictions. 


With my highly experienced, compassionate, and personalized Client approach, these addictions can be successfully treated.


I am an empathetic and non-judgmental Counselor - who is available seven (7) days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • Drug Addiction

  • Alcohol Addiction

  • Sex Addiction

  • Personal "Consultations" regarding subject matter - "Addictions"

  • Pornography Addiction

  • Internet Addiction

  • Gambling Addiction

  • Addictions related - "Personal Interventions"


Before the commencement of any counseling relationship, both client and counselor must determine if an effective "Therapeutic Alliance" (an innate sense of "trust" and "comfortability") can be established between them.

Through a ninety (90) minute - "Prospective Client Consult" -  both the Client and Counselor have an opportunity to determine if an effective "Therapeutic Alliance" - can be reciprocally formed between them - as well as the exchange of requisite legal and ethical information.

Once both client and counselor mutually agree that each can form an effective "Therapeutic Alliance" then the Addictions related Therapeutic Process can commence - to include the four (4) Therapeutic Phases, as follows:

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1. Clinical Assessment and Evaluation of Client;

2. Formal Diagnosis(es) of Client;

3. Collaborative Formulation of Treatment Plan for Client; and

4. Collaborative Monitoring of Compliance to Client Treatment Plan;


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